2019 Honda Odyssey Elite Dimensions

2019 Honda Odyssey Elite Dimensions

2019 Honda Odyssey Elite Dimensions – Buying an MPV for a fun and memorable trip is the right choice. We also need this car if we want to bring all our family members to a fun trip, vacation out of town, or even spend hundreds of miles to enjoy the day off. Honda Odyssey Elite able to realize it all. This car looks so big, of course there is plenty of room for you in the cabin. Not just your family is comfortable, you can also bring so many goods into the cabin without hesitation. Well, we’ll discuss about this, so you can make the best choice. Always visit our website to always get official and complete information about All New Honda Odyssey Elite.

Just like any other MPV, Honda equip this car with a sizeable exterior, but this car is not only big because the Odyssey Elite comes with all the advanced features. You can read and see reviews about features and designs offered, because in this article we focus on discussing exterior dimensions. 2019 Honda Odyssey Elite offers 3000 mm Wheelbase, providing a good enough width that looks wider. In addition Honda also offers 1767 mm Height and also Width – 2345 mm (including mirrors) and 2110 mm (mirrors folded). By using 19″ aluminum-alloy wheels, of course, makes the appearance and design of the Odyssey Elite more luxurious and impressive. There are many exterior features provided by Honda for your comfort while riding.

Inside the cabin of course more detailed, this car prepares everything you and your family need during the trip. 2019 Honda Odyssey Elite uses high quality materials, supported by sophisticated seats system. Honda gives 3973 liters Cargo volume behind 1st row, 2452 liters behind 2nd row and 929 liters behind 3rd row and you can still add cargo space because this Odyssey provides Magic Slide 2nd-Row Seats and also One-Motion 60/40 Split 3rd-Row Magic Seat.

This MPV is also more comfortable because the interior is a relief and make the passengers do not feel cramped. Honda Odyssey Elite provides Headroom – 983 mm front, 995 mm 2nd row design mode and 973 mm 3rd row and besides this car also provide Hip room – 1488 mm front, 1646 mm 2nd row and 1229 mm 3rd row, 4534 liters Passenger volume and next Legroom – 1040 mm front, 1038 mm 2nd row and 967 mm 3rd row and last Shoulder room – 1603 mm front, 1564 mm 2nd row and 1525 mm 3rd row. This is perfect for your comfort and family, it will not make you frustrated much less because it is supported with advanced features.

Not only big and comfortable, this car is capable of speeding and stable, providing comfort while driving, travel hundreds of miles well, even providing a better driving experience. 2019 Honda Odyssey Elite uses 3.5-liter, 24-valve, Direct Injection, SOHC, i-VTEC, V6 capable of kicking more than 280 horsepower @ 6000 rpm and also 262 lb.-ft of torque @ 4700 rpm and more comfortable because Honda provides a highly responsive 10-speed automatic transmission with Grade Logic Control, and is supported by Steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters, Snow mode, Idle-stop and many features. Overall engine performance is more impressive with some upgrades.

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