2018 Honda Accord Sport For Sale

2018 Honda Accord Sport For Sale

2018 Honda Accord Sport For Sale – This car gets ranked with 5 stars in a number of reviews, such as Car and Driver, MotorTrend and so on. At least the Honda Accord has 21 consecutive years included in the list of 10-best Cars. Honda is always innovating to continue to develop the Accord, in three decades to accompany its customers. But now the Accord is changing and usually makes you nervous when you see something you like has changed. One question that still comes to mind is whether we will miss the V6 engine that has long believed? Is Honda planning to remove manual transmission that we like? But that doubt does not hold us back, because we know that the new Accord is a very nice family sedan to drive. Before you decide to buy the Accord you should read this review to complete and always visit our website to always get official and complete information about the All New Honda Accord.

What You’ll Like
Chassis is very good, sharp and strong, manual transmission that we like, infotainment system that has got the upgrade.

What You Will not Like
Storage interiors should be better (at least not currently the best in class), visibility is slightly disturbed by the new design.

Accord Sport can make us smile at least while trying to ride and feel the extraordinary comfort.

2018 Honda Accord Sport, What’s New?
If you’re a big fan of Sedans you still have a chance to enjoy a fun manual transmission, yes really, Honda does not throw away this fun transmission. Just like the previous generation, the Accord looks very handsome and aggressive, of course there are currently some upgrades made so that the Accord Sport display is much more impressive. However, you can no longer enjoy the V6 and it seems like this is the right decision (at least for Honda) although there is little criticism there. Overall this car comes with a convincing, not disappointing and you just have to do the testing yourself.

Exterior Design
We confidently say that this is one of the best family sedan, the most popular mid-size market in the US, Canada and Europe. 2018 Honda Accord Sport offers a bold exterior design, looks tough and luxurious. Do you think this car is not good? The front grille is very nice, the design is unique there is a lot of air that can fit into the hood of the engine. Body shape is more sporty, the lines and curves on the body also contributed positively to the aerodynamic system and make the performance of this car more great. Honda Accord Sport uses 19″ aluminum-alloy wheels and also Dual exhaust with chrome finishers that make the heart beat faster while riding. Road does provide a good target to deliver this Sedan into the new era this year Overall exterior of this car is impressive , let alone Accord Sport equipped with exterior features that are sophisticated and complete.

Interior Design
Not disappointing, the interior looks more luxurious than previous generations at least provide a higher level of comfort. Not just exterior that has been getting improvement, Honda Accord also not forget the comfort in the cabin. The thing that made us happy was the completely upgraded infotainment system, so it did not disappoint and this was an elegant answer from Honda to the previous complaints. Not only that, 2018 Honda Accord Sport is equipped with complete safety features (an amazing standard), a wider interior and there are many features in the cabin.

That is it? Of course not, seats system is more mature by using Driver’s seat with 12-way power adjustment including 4-way lumbar power support and also Front passenger’s seat with 4-way power adjustment make it comfortable when driving let alone seats using Perforated leather-trimmed seating surfaces . There are many interior features in the cabin, allowing you to control the steering room with ease, the Honda Accord Sport also offers a cabin filled with advanced features.

How About Engine Performance?
Currently Honda Accord still makes us amazed and since it was already so. Awesome handling, engine performance that does not disappoint and can provide great power for you. Many people are keen to welcome back the 6-speed manual transmission (MT) which is the only offer for the 2018 Honda Accord Sport. Using 2.0-liter, 16-valve, Direct Injection, DOHC, i-VTEC, turbocharged 4-cylinder car capable of kicking more than 252 horsepower @ 6500 rpm and also 273 lb.-ft of torque @ 1500-4000 rpm. Honda also equip this car with Drive-by-Wire Throttle System for amazing acceleration and ECON mode button and many other features.

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