2018 Honda Civic Type R For Sale

2018 Honda Civic Type R For Sale

2018 Honda Civic Type R For Sale – Honda has published many variants for Civic, Sedan, Coupe, Hatchback, but the best among all Civics is Type R. Of course because Type R gives the impression of driving the best in class, with power generated by more than 300 horsepower engine, and can conquer the Nurburgring circuit with the fastest time. This is an achievement for Type R and will make fans more curious. Not only the engine performance is great, the redesigned exterior produces a fierce appearance, tough and modern. Honda has managed to combine a great engine, a luxurious exterior and a pleasant interior. This is where you decide to immediately buy 2018 Type R, especially for those of you who really love racing cars.

We were given the opportunity to try the performance of the Type R 2018 when visiting Honda’s research, and of course the amazing thing surprised us, because engine performance was perceived beyond our expectations. After testing for several rounds, we believe this car will be the toughest rival of Ford Focus RS, and of course Honda makes Type R the highest sales target for USA, Canada and Europe market. Engine performance offered is very reliable, using 2.0-liter, 16-valve, Direct Injection, DOHC, VTEC, turbocharged 4-cylinder, Honda capable of generating enormous power for Type R, 306 horsepower capable of generating and channeled through front- wheel drive. The resulting torque is also very large reaching 295 lb.-ft @ 4500 rpm and this is an excellent Honda achievement as it is capable of delivering enormous power through the front-wheel drive without any problem, as usually the power supplied through the front-wheel drive is not exceeds 280 horsepower, this is to prevent damage when the engine is working.

2018 Honda Civic Type R Engine For Sale

Not only that, 2018 Civic Type is also equipped with many features to support engine performance, such as Drive-by-Wire Throttle System, Helical limited slip differential, and Type R also offers 3-mode drive system (Comfort / Sport / R) , all engine performance uses 6-speed manual transmission (MT) with rev-match control. If you really like a car with a very powerful engine performance, you would be interested to try Type R. But of course the price becomes an obstacle for those who do not have enough money to immediately buy Type R. But not to worry, because Honda will provide and sell the Type R engine separately. For more information you can read here.

Honda Selling 2018 Civic Type R Machine Separately

If the latest Type R model makes you want to buy this car immediately, you should immediately contact the nearest dealer in your city, as almost all of these units have been sold in the Canadian market. Honda explained, for the year 2018 Type R will be present only in two colors, White and Black which has a very tough exterior design and luxury. But there is an offer that Type R will also come in red so it can give the impression that this sports car is very brave to challenge the streets. This of course makes the mini sports car enthusiasts more interested.

2018 Honda Civic Type R 20″ aluminum-alloy wheels

Type R uses most of the Hatchback design, but the difference is the rear Type R is equipped with a large Rear wing spoiler, and gives the impression that this car is sporty and of course the aerodynamic system is provided well enough to support performance. Body Type R has considerable dimensions, and Honda delivers 20 “aluminum-alloy wheels (Piano Black with Red Styling line) as well as Sport performance tires P245 / 30Z R20 90Y to support all speeds on the road Type R also uses Independent strut front suspension and the back is supported with an independent multi-link rear suspension, so the vibration can be muffled as best as possible. If looking at the front of the body, this car is equipped with LED daytime running lights, LED front turn signal indicators, LED taillights and LED headlights and low beam) that support all the best performance of this mini sports car. We are also interested because it gives Honda Aluminum hood with air intake and also Body-colored bumpers. As a whole, this car does have a formidable exterior design that fits perfectly with engine performance tall one.

2018 Civic Type R Triple centre exhaust with chrome finisher

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