First 2018 Honda Civic Type R Sold for US $ 200,000

2018 Honda Civic Type R Sold for US $ 200,000

2018 Honda Civic Type R Sold for US $ 200,000 – If reading this news headline you will surely be surprised. How could Honda Civic Type R output of 2018 be sold at a very high price, reaching US $ 200,000? Is not this car has a price not more than US $ 32,324 for one unit. But you do not need to be too surprised, because the car is sold in the auction event. As you know that in the auction event of course the price offered is a high price and will be approved if the highest price to buy this car. And finally the highest auction with a price of US $ 200,000 and all proceeds will be sold directly to charity Pediatric Brain Foundation.

This powerful car is equipped with a powerful engine, capable of generating power up to 306 horsepower transmitted to the front wheels derived from 2.0-liter engine, 16-valve, Direct Injection, DOHC, VTEC, turbocharged 4-cylinder. This car is equipped with many advanced features so that the price offered was quite high. But for your performance do not need to hesitate, because this car is very efficient for those who love racing cars. And now one bidder is lucky to take one unit 2018 Civic Type R No. 1 with US $ 200,000 and this makes the latest history for the Civic seller, and officially became the most expensive Honda Civic ever sold.

2018 Type R is not less interesting for Honda fans, this car is able to compete with competitors in the automotive market. This car uses a 6-speed manual transmission (MT) with rev-match control and many other features are much more sophisticated, and reasonable if the Type R price becomes more aggressive and more stylish than the standard Civic, as equipped with spoiler and wing design that works fine. The best upgrade has been done by Type R to answer all challenges. Although for some people the price of US $ 200,000 is unreasonable and excessive for a Civic, but basically it is a donation to a well-aimed charity and helps people with brain disease. And Honda provides an additional bonus for this great purchase by giving 0001 serial number on Type R 2018. How do you think?

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