COMPARISON: 2018 Honda HR-V versus 2018 Toyota C-HR

COMPARISON: 2018 Honda HR-V versus 2018 Toyota C-HR

2018 Honda HR-V versus 2018 Toyota C-HR – 2018 HR-V is very appropriate to do comparison with 2018 C-HR, both cars are equally provide a modern design, sporty and also very thick with crossover. The automotive market is turning to crossovers and SUVs, as crossover cars are considered better able to answer all customers’ wishes. But that does not mean sedan, hatchback, coupe, or pickup truck does not have a large market. Okay we will make comparisons on HR-V and C-HR. all our comparisons do fairly, based on facts. Of course you will decide who is the best, C-HR or HR-V?

Price gives an idea of whether the car is very sophisticated, elegant, and modern. Of course the price difference can happen because each factory has its own reasons. Toyota and Honda do have a price comparison that is not too much different. With a seductive and modern design, the 2018 Toyota C-HR offers starting price of $ 24,690 while the price of C-HR with XLE Premium starts at $ 26,290 and this is a very affordable price for a crossover. While the 2018 Honda HR-V offers starting price of $ 22,650 for HR-V LX-2WD while HR-V EX-L NAVI offers starting price of $ 30,650. For a price comparison, the HR-V is slightly cheaper on lower variants, while the top variant of C-HR is cheaper than HR-V.

2018 Honda HR-V

2018 Toyota C-HR

C-HR and HR-V have almost the same dimensions, body designs and shapes of similar size, indicating they are equally suitable crossovers for comparisons. 2018 Toyot C-HR has dimensions, Height 1565 (mm), Width 1797 (mm), Length 4350 (mm), Wheelbase 2640 (mm). While the 2018 Honda HR-V has dimensions, Height 1605 (mm), Width 1794 (mm), Length 4294 (mm), and Wheelbase 2610 (mm). If we look at the two dimensions of this car is almost the same, but C-HR has dimensions slightly larger than HR-V.

In conducting car comparison, of course the engine becomes the most interesting thing to do comparison. Engine performance will be the attraction for a car. Because most customers will love cars with powerful engines. 2018 HR-V uses 1.8-liter engine, 16-valve, SOHC, i-VTEC
4-cylinder capable of producing 141 horsepower @ 6500 rpm and also capable of producing Torque of 127 lb.-ft @ 4300 rpm. But unlike the 2018 Toyota C-HR using the VALVEMATIC engine (continuously variable valve train mechanism), 2.0 Liter, 4-Cylinder, DOHC, 16-Valve, Dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i) capable of producing power up to 144 horsepower @ 6100 rpm and also produce Torque reaching 139 lb.-ft @ 3800 rpm. If you look at engine performance, C-HR is slightly superior, because it is capable of generating greater power and torque. However HR-V offers two types of transmission, you can choose 6-speed manual transmission or CVT, while C-HR only offers Continuously Variable Transmission Intelligent Shift (CVTi-S).

2018 Toyota C-HR Engine

2018 Honda HR-V Engine

An attractive design and tough will make a car to be attractive. Many cars have great engines, and are also equipped with sophisticated features, but due to poor design, customers are not interested in buying. But 2018 C-HR has a unique design and modern, this car puts the crossover characteristic with a good body line. Toyota C-HR also gives a nice curve on the design so that this car is always tempting. While the 2018 HR-V has an elegant design and luxury, with a good crossover appearance that HR-V has an attractive design. This car has a lot of supporting features, both for exterior and interior. For design comparison, of course you can choose according to taste.

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