COMPARISON: 2018 Honda Civic Hatchback vs Mazda3 Hatchback

COMPARISON: 2018 Honda Civic Hatchback vs Mazda3 Hatchback

COMPARISON: 2018 Honda Civic Hatchback vs Mazda3 Hatchback – 2018 Civic Hatchback is a new product, and still fresh. Equipped with the latest technology and not yet have a matching rival in the Hatchback class, but finally this challenge is answered by Mazda3 Hatchback. Both are located in the Hatchback class is larger and equally have the luxury to be enjoyed. What is the difference in features and features between Mazda3 Hatchback and Civic Hatchback? All the comparisons will be described below, and you need to remember that we do not favor the Civic simply because our website is a Honda Civic, but we are here to be fair in comparing these two luxury cars. Do not forget to always visit our website so that you always get interesting information about the automotive world and automotive market.


Civic Hatchback offers three models for 2018, with the cheapest price is the LX variant starting from $ 21,690 and the most expensive variant is the price of Civic Hatchback Sport Touring starting at $ 29,590. Price differences of course occur because of differences in features offered and also other specifications of course different. While Mazda3 also provides many advanced features and complete, Mazda3 offers prices for the lowest variant of $ 19,345 (Sport) and the most expensive is the Grand Touring model with prices starting at $ 24,945. With this then both Hatchback is suitable to compete with each other, but if you see the price, Mazda3 cheaper than Civic Hatchback. This is just a price difference.

Civic Hatchback gives a sizeable dimension, Length 4519 (mm), Width 2076 (mm), Height 1434 (mm) and Wheelbase 2700 (mm). While Mazda3 has dimensions Length 4475 (mm), Width 2700 (mm), Height 1465 (mm), and has a Wheelbase also 2700 (mm). From the explanation of the above dimensions, we can see Mazda3 body slightly larger and taller, while the same wheelbase, which means the area in the cabin is not much different.


Perhaps among all the comparisons made, engine performance is the most widely comparable and most compelling thing to do, because the engine will determine the power generated and affect the speed of the car on the road. The 2018 Civic Hatchback uses a 1.5-liter, 16-valve, Direct Injection, DOHC, turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, and is capable of powering up to 174 horsepower and 167 lb.-ft Torque while the Mazda3 offers 2.0-liter Skyactiv-G, 4- cylinder capable of generating power reaching 166 horsepower and 158 lb.-ft Torque, if we look at the numbers clearly visible Civic is superior. Because it is capable of generating power and a larger Torque. This distinction will obviously occur due to differences in engine usage. But the difference in power and torque is not much different, does not mean Mazda3 lost just like that. Civic rely on 6-speed manual transmission (MT) and also Continuously variable transmission (CVT), while Mazda3 rely on Skyactiv-Drive 6-Speed automatic. For Transmission system you can assess according to taste.

2018 Honda Civic Hatchback Engine

2018 Mazda3 Hatchback Engine

A car’s weapon is an attractive design, as most people will see and judge a car from its design. Civic Hatchback or Mazda3 Hatchback both have an attractive appearance, unique and luxurious. The Civic has a modern Honda design and is similar to the Sedan version (because hatchbacks and sedans often work together to provide schematic input design). While the Mazda3 Kodo design that uses Mazda mainstay, a luxurious appearance offered Mazda. A clear comparison is the Civic has a lot of firm lines on the body while the Mazda3 has a smooth and flowing curve design, which obviously both offer a sporty appearance of the hatchback class. Design Comparison will obviously be determined by your own taste.

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