2020 Honda Civic Sedan Specs, Release Date, Price and Review

2020 Honda Civic Sedan Specs, Release Date, Price and Review

2020 Honda Civic Sedan Specs, Release Date, Price and Review – Civic increasingly make improvements and produce a car that is superior. Evidently every year Civic has a significant quality improvement. Even the features offered are also complete. Not only entertainment that takes precedence, but safety features are also a top priority Civic Sedan. This car is equipped with many safety features to maintain the safety of customers, and already this feature has been tested. After testing on the Civic Turbo, there are two main variables that are tested, Adult Occupant Protection and Child Occupant Protection. This test certainly aims to assess the level of protection of cars on passengers of small children and adult passengers. The Civic got a satisfactory result, worth four out of five stars. After the test and examined on the body of the test equipment, the chest and calf passengers considered adequate, while the head, legs and thighs good value. The protection for child passengers also also features a child-mounted front-facing seat, and test results also provide a value of four out of five stars. The results are very satisfying, and show that the 2020 Civic Sedan is ready to provide the best for you.

since 1972, the Civic has made a lot of contributions to its customers, and until now it is still selling well in the automotive market despite having a considerable opponent. The Civic is one of Honda’s most important variants in the medium-sized Sedan category. Initially this car comes in the form of 2-doors Hatchback practical, in time over time to create an evolution and become a variant that has four doors tangible sedan. This car is famous for being included in the model “city car” but also known to be reliable in conquering the streets, and became one of the right choices for car buyers for decades. But it will not be long before the Civic will enter the 11th generation, and of course 2020 Civic Sedan has a more formidable design, more powerful engine, an increasingly comfortable and luxurious interior, do not forget also the more complete safety features.

By using a more aggressive design, luxury and sharp. 2020 becomes a fierce battle between sedans. The headlights in the design more narrow and equipped with LED technology, but it also provided LED daytime running lights that blend with the main headlights. Grille chrome-plated with a widened shape as well as a sweetener front view, so it looks more modern and premium. Rear body appearance is also given a new combination lamp that connects and forms on the hood of the trunk. This car is also more sporty because it is equipped with chrome-plated double exhaust. The shape of the rear body is cool because the Deck lid spoiler has been redesigned and different from the previous model.
When viewed from the side, with a low roof design and a short tail gives the impression of a sporty like Civic Coupe 2-doors. Not only the appearance of the body, but the impression of luxury is also seen in the wheels are offered, because this car uses three different wheel sizes, namely 16 “, 17” and 18 “aluminum-alloy wheels. Can you imagine a Sedan car wheels with wheels that reach 18 “? Really very luxurious and high class. With a new design, this car certainly has a lot of exterior changes, even given the dimensions are also slightly larger when compared with previous models.

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