2019 Honda Ridgeline Release Date, Review and Price

2019 Honda Ridgeline Release Date, Review and Price

2019 Honda Ridgeline Release Date, Review and Price – This car has given an answer to the challenges of travel that is quite heavy and steep. The changes to Ridgeline are very impressive given by Honda with excellent features and will be the fastest selling car. Competition for this type is very strong, because Toyota also provide the best, Ford also do not want to miss. The Ridgeline will come up with a new change, changing the 2016 version, where it has performed well and is supposed to be refurbished and redesigned.

This car will be released at the end of 2018. The first generation of the Ridgeline crossover version with an open bed, but for the next generation of this car will provide a more complicated. Honda has received complaints and feedback from fans, and they promise to create the 2019 Ridgeline into a product with better towing and payload capabilities. The expected change is also inside the hood, a much better improvement. This car will be present at Northern US Auto exhibit and we will see all the changes and improvements given to Ridgeline. All the changes and innovations will be discussed below.

This car is perfect for driving on every trip, both in the city and off-road travel. Most of these cars are often used to go to mountains, rural, and rocky roads. Therefore this car engine should be well designed to produce strong enough power. 2019 Ridgeline engines will not replace engines, they will still use 3.5-liter, 24-valve, Direct Injection, SOHC, i-VTEC, V6 for all types. Honda will still produce five mainstay types Ridgeline, LX, Sport, EX-L, Touring and Black Edition. With the engine specification, this car can generate power of 280 horsepower @ 6000 rpm and also can produce Torque of 262 lb.-ft @ 4700 rpm and this is a large enough energy to be able to provide a long and heavy travel.

Fuel will be more efficient because the engine is also equipped with i-VTEC, the engine performance becomes smoother and fuel more efficient. Car manufacturers race to get a good RWD design, new gearbox will be needed to give support to RWD system. But Ridgeline is smart enough to provide an Intelligent Variable Torque Management (i-VTM4 ™) AWD system to help you set the type of wheel drive you use, customizable with the need. The greatness of this car engine is also seen because the Intelligent Traction Management System (Snow / Sand / Mud) is getting better and has been given a comeback. Ridgeline will use 6-speed automatic transmission with Grade Logic Control as a transmission system and will not change, besides this car also has ECON mode button. For Fuel Economy (L / 100 KM) the i-VTM4 ™ AWD provides 12.8 city, 9.5 Highway and 11.3 combined values. This car can accommodate up to 73.8 L Fuel tank capacity.

Currently Honda has not provided exterior photos for the 2019 version, but they say that this car does not have a difference that is too far from the 2018 version. It’s just more focused on the addition of exterior features so that this car will perform more optimally. This car has a much more vintage appearance and it is just a rumor circulating. Cargo bed pickup is much more comfortable and comes with various types of features. Dimensional cargo bed length 1625 (mm), Cargo bed width between wheel wells 1270 (mm) and Cargo bed depth 425 (mm), this is a very encouraging news that Cargo bed has a good standard.

Ridgeline will be equipped with 18 “aluminum-alloy wheels to support performance during your challenging journey Some exterior features that have been developed will be given to Ridgeline, including Bumper skid garnish, Body-colored door handles, Dual action tailgate, and Body-colored heated power door mirrors. A LED lights are mounted well in front and behind, day or night trips will be safer.

Seeing the exterior is very impressive along with features offered, this car also has a good interior. But according to some sources of information say that interior design will be better. The design given will not be much different from 2018. Cabin with two rows of seats available, certainly not to put stuff inside the cabin. The cabin will continue to improve significantly in quality so that the comfort, safety and capability of this car will continue to give you satisfaction. This car will be equipped with many features in the cabin. The possibility of this feature will be better along with the more advanced technology.

Honda has not set a date for the release of this car. What is clear this car will be released late 2018 with a more qualified appearance. The price offered will also not be much different like the 2018 version. This car will you can take home by paying the starting from $ 37,500 for one unit Ridgeline LX and $ 40,500 for one unit of Sport type. Possible prices will change according to automotive market conditions in 2019. This car will be marketed in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

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