2019 Honda Odyssey Touring Features And Engine Review

2019 Honda Odyssey Touring Features And Engine Review

2019 Honda Odyssey Touring Features And Engine Review – Going on vacation with family would be fun. Traveling with family will be fun with Honda Odyssey. Family trends are becoming more popular with more and more people choosing minivans. It is evident that the automotive market still has considerable sales of minivans. So Odyssey is very important to note its development. This car has been completely redesigned for 2018. For you and your family who want to choose a minivan for convenience, offering more technology and more flexibility, the Honda Odyssey will be the right choice for you and your family. Because this car is very concerned about the comfort, security and safety of you and your family, so no need to hesitate to choose Odyssey.

The first thing we should inform you is the specification of this car engine. Honda has made major changes to the Odyssey for 2018 so that in 2019 there will be no much change, of course, made improvements and provide the latest innovation to provide satisfaction. 2019 Odyssey uses 3.5-liter engine, 24-valve, Direct Injection, SOHC, i-VTEC, V6 that has been done a good redesign so that the engine performance is really good. All types of Odyssey will use this machine. They will release six different types for 2019, the Odyssey LX, EX, EX-RES, EX-L RES, EX-L Navi, and also Touring. All types produce the same power of 280 horsepower @ 6000 rpm and can also produce the same Torque 262 lb.-ft @ 4700 rpm. The power generated by the Odyssey engine is enormous, almost close to the Civic Type R and this is of course reasonable because this car can carry many family members and items you want to carry.

According to Honda experts, they say that the weight of this car has been reduced to 100 pounds so that the car can run faster and not too burdened. This car has a big enough Displacement value of 3471 (cc) and not only that, the engine is also equipped with Direct Injection and Eco Assist for all types of Odyssey, but the Idle-stop system feature is only available for Touring type. For the drivetrain system, this car uses two different types, all types use 9-speed automatic transmission with Grade Logic Control, except for Touring type which uses 10-speed automatic transmission with Grade Logic Control. You can choose according to the needs you want. To support your convenience, this car also provides Snow Mode for all types, Steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters, ECON mode button. For the 2019 concept this car still uses Front-wheel drive (FWD). There is no change plan to become an all-wheel drive (AWD) because this car is not the type of racing.

This car has its own characteristics, unique exterior, curvature on the body is very good, a qualified aerodynamic system can provide advantages in this car. This car puts spacious on the interior for you and your family to be able to travel comfortably together. Odyssey does not have many changes to the exterior for 2019. They still remain with the same concept, only the features on the exterior are updated. Wheel used 18 “aluminum-alloy wheels for all types but for this type of Touring car use 19” aluminum-alloy wheels. Other Acoustic windshield features are available only for three types: EX-L RES, EX-L NAVI, and TOURING. If we look to the rear body, equipped with new LED lights, if at first glance this car is somewhat similar to Honda Pilot and some other new Honda (of course type minivan). Rear roofline spoiler with integrated brakelight is also available on all types, but for Touring using Body-Colored. Rear window defroster and Variable intermittent windshield wipers are not reserved for all types available in the Odyssey.

The development of this car’s interior is quite amazing. This car uses the concept of “sitting anywhere” because of the vast interior space available. This car has three rows of seats. If the previous version of the Odyssey has a removable center for the second row, which could create a separate seat for two, 2019 is a new concept with the concept of flexibility. This concept has advantages among others the middle can be positioned further forward, it is intended for children can controlled closer by mom and dad. The middle section can be removed and can give access to the third row. So the first, second and third rows can be conveniently interconnected. Better still, the middle seat of the third row can be shifted to the center position. This is a very good idea, with the concept of Magic Slide seats.

Interior features are also not forgotten, many upgrades are made. The concept of comfort and safety in driving is still a top priority Odyssey. The latest technology has been developed for the interior making it easy to monitor, communicate and connect with passengers behind two lines. So if you have a child who can’t stay still, likes to do things during the trip, you can monitor them and make contacts. But the most interesting thing is the feature Cabin-Watch, is an infrared camera that can work both in the dark and daylight located in the back seat system. This concept can make it easier for passengers who sit in the back to keep track of the trip.

This car will soon be released at the end of 2018. With a very high level of interest by most families who want a minivan. The features provided will not leave you disappointed. If the best features, comfort, security, and happiness you will feel. This car will provide a fairly high price. It starts at $ 35,000 for a unit. 2019 You will then receive an exciting surprise for minivan cars that will always be ready to take you and your family on vacation in comfort and safety.

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