2019 Honda Fit Specs, Release Date and Review

2019 Honda Fit Specs, Release Date and Review

2019 Honda Fit Specs, Release Date and Review – Honda Fit is a unique car. Some other Honda ranks put forward the power and excessive luxury, but the Fit comes with a simple look, yet still elegant and luxurious. This car has accompanied the fans since 2001 with the basic body as a subcompact Hatchback. Honda Fit has done a lot of renovations, innovations and improvements over the years until finally the latest model will be present in 2019. This is an encouraging information that this car has all the security technology is qualified, not least with other Honda products. Fit does not provide an expensive price when compared with other Honda car creation, but you do not think that Honda created a car aimlessly for the fans of the fans. Information about 2019 Honda Fit upgrade will be discussed below. Changes in exterior, interior and engine more reliable.

The upgrade will be done with the best innovation from Honda, so far there has been no detailed information about the Fit upgrade, but information from Japanese publications says a lot about it. Apparently 2019 Honda Fit new model will receive at least one new engine. To be able to compensate for a new engine, the gear of this car will change so that the new machine can work optimally. Larger power would be the hope of Fit fans, at least the power produced exceeds 130 horsepower.
Honda Fit 2017 has been released, and for the 2018 version just released, though not so long, Honda has updated it with the 2018 model that has been sold today. If observed carefully, it will be found a design change and has done some upgrades on the exterior and interior. But this car does not die base body and chassis that has been used before.
All upgrades will feel new in 2019 Fit, and problems that may occur in previous versions will soon be addressed by Honda. Information from Honda says that this is the last update for Fit, before finally 2020 they will release an entirely new version as it will make changes, renovations, and major improvements on Fit.

Not true if we take the Honda Fit that trivial is released with the latest technology. One that makes this car a lot of demand is because of how it looks. Why is the look of this car a selling point? Because this car is considered simple, but does not leave the impression of luxury and comfort. For 2019 later, Honda Fit will release different types of lime, namely DX, LX, Sport, EX, and also EX-L Navi. In accordance with the information we said earlier, that 2019 Fit will not change the exterior as a whole. The addition of features is certainly done and the appearance will be more impressive. We just have to wait for the Honda Fit for an entirely new version by 2020 so that in the current version it will not change on the regular trim. Mirror-integrated LED turn indicators are features that are only available on the Fit EX-L Navi of course changes will be made.

Aggressive looks tried to convince fans that Fit will give the best, if the previous Sport model get a new body kit, then the other model will also be repaired. Honda can also release a Hybrid version on Fit so impressive performances can be felt. New gril and different bumper will be given in 2019 Fit. Integrated fog lights and LED brake lights also give the impression that this car is convincing.
We look for a moment into the cabin, the interior has been neatly arranged and fun waiting to be ready to be released. A good seat design, a luxurious dashboard equipped with great features that drive more fun. Fit also provides ample space. On the second line the Passenger volume has been slightly expanded so it sits more freely. Cargo volume – rear seat up / down provides a value of 470/1492 (L) and will be increased by 2019. More than 13 new features will be provided in entertainment. 3-point front seat belts with automatic tensioning system and also 3-point rear seat belts will give you a sense of security in the cabin. Improved comfort and security are Fit’s top priorities.

Five Fit types will use 1.5-liter, 16-valve, Direct Injection, DOHC, i-VTEC, 4-cylinder engines capable of producing 130 horsepower @ 6600 rpm on manual transmission and 128 horsepower @ 6600 @rpm on CVT. Improved quality of the engine will be done considering this car does need a greater power upgrade. The resulting torque is also too large 114 lb.-ft @ 4600 rpm in manual transmission and 113 lb.-ft @ 4600 rpm on CVT. Displacement shows 1498 (cc) and the engine also features Drive-by-Wire Throttle System as well as Eco Assist system. 2019 Fit will use Continuously variable transmission (CVT) and also 6-speed manual transmission (MT). The choice will suit your taste. Some information says that US and Canadian models will get machines that have been redesigned so that the turbocharged is bigger. This change makes sense because there are some lightweight hatchbacks and ready to become a rival.

Honda has made many improvements and upgrades on Fit, so this car will be revealed in more detail and more clearly in mid-2018. This car will go on sale by the end of 2018 or at least late in 2019. This car will start in the Japanese and Asian markets and then following the US and Canada markets. If you want to have 2019 Fit, then you have to prepare $ 16,190 for the basic model (DX) and if you want more expensive, you can buy the EX-L Navi model with starting price of $ 24,990 for one unit. US and Canada Automotive Market is looking forward to 2019 Honda Fit afar soon released.

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