2019 Honda CR-V Specs, Release Date and Review

2019 Honda CR-V Specs, Release Date and Review

2019 Honda CR-V Specs, Release Date and Review – The presence of the latest CR-V has indeed been awaited by the fans. This car has become one of the best choices for Crossover fans. This is because the exterior design is luxurious, has been able to provide a powerful engine and interior that is never bored to make you comfortable driving. The newly designed engine, combined direct injection and 4-cylinder capable of delivering a massive burst of energy but fuel remains efficient. Crossover competition is getting stronger where the world automotive market is producing cars with greater ability. This car is not only in demand in US, Canada, and Europe, but in Asia this car is also very popular. Engine performance, exterior features and interior design you can read below.

Honda CR-V does not want to be defeated by their competitors namely Mazda has successfully brought CX-5 Skyactiv which is a car with full features qualified. Therefore CR-V comes with the development of the best features that ensure comfort in the latest technology. Renewal and innovation was made massively in 2015 and continues until 2016 and finally comes to the completion of the 2019 CR-V. After making excellent changes, the car’s sales rate also rose significantly. The medium variant of Honda’s crossover SUV crossover is getting longer. Honda again put a magical touch on their products by creating a turbo-engined CR-V.

CR-V cruising range more amazing because given a very powerful engine design. Cars with SUV design but have considerable power then the CR-V is the right answer. This car will use 1.5-liter engine specifications, 16-valve, Direct Injection, DOHC, turbocharged 4-cylinder for the four types they publish, namely LX, EX, EX-L and also Touring. The machines used will be uniform for all types, only differences in features are given on the exterior and interior as well as differences in drivetrain and chassis.
Responsive engine response with good performance capable of producing engine rotation and can achieve maximum rotation with light (not too heavy load on the engine). Because it has been equipped with a turbo, then the resulting power is also more solid and more smooth when the power is flowed. This car is capable of generating up to 190 horsepower @ 5600 rpm and also Torque is quite high ie 179 lb.-ft @ 2000-5000 rpm. This car has no constraints on the engine if it must be forced to walk uphill.
But unfortunately this car is only available for Continuously variable transmission (CVT) for all types they publish. Indeed, excess car with CVT system is able to dampen the vibration of the engine so that the engine performance is smoother. It is like that the character of a car using CVT system. 2019 CR-V will continue to use Front-wheel drive (FWD) which also features a much better ECON mode button.

As always, CR-V always share information platform with Honda Civic. The result is created a car that gives priority to performance such as Civic, comfort adopted from the Civic, but also equipped with more features that are more qualified. This is fair, because the CR-V design uses DNA from an SUV type car, but as we know that SUV cars definitely use a ladder frame chassis. Different things we find from the CR-V is a body design like the SUV, but the cruising range is tougher, then the combined Traffic is called Crossover SUV.

2019 Honda CR-V Exterior designed by Honda America, they provide excellent design, and they plan to apply this new CR-V design to all CR-V in the world, it means CR-V will have shapes and system the same all over the world. It’s just where the steer is tailored to their respective countries. Because the CR-V has been designed by Honda America, as we know that the US and Canada like cars with rather large size for the SUV class, the CR-V will look bigger than usual and have a much more masculine exterior shape.

Tidka only exterior that continues to be developed, the interior has also done a very good repair. For the highest variant CR-V (Touring) version 2018 has an excellent interior. But the improvement of the interior does not stop there, 2019 later CR-V will provide extra comfort in the interior. Audio System is capable, dashboard quality is more comfortable and smooth, equipped with various features, entertainment features are increasingly superior and more comfortable seats. Electrically arranged seat arrangements, and also equipped with parker brakes with auto-hold feature. This system provides comfort because you do not have to hit the brakes when the car stops on the road incline), very comfortable and safe for the driver. Not only that, this car also has a cruise control and entertainment system with smartphone mirroring capabilities. To maintain air cleanliness inside the cabin, NANOE-based air purifiers are available.

Price adjustments will certainly be done by CR-V. For the cheapest variant (LX type) you can have it for $ 27,090 and for the most expensive variant have $ 39,490 (Touring). You can have variants that suit your needs and tastes. The CR-V will be released in late 2018 or soonest in mid-2018. Are you ready to welcome NEW 2019 HONDA CR-V?


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