2018 Honda HR-V Canada Specs and Review

2018 Honda HR-V Canada Specs and Review

2018 Honda HR-V Canada Specs and Review – Among Honda’s range of variants, compact crossover is one of the most popular cars. HR-V is a manifestation of a successful compact crossover. If we ask people who want to buy a car, what SUV car they think is the best, Honda HR-V must be in the list that they make. 2018 HR-V publishes three different variants, namely LX, EX and also EX-L NAVI. When compared with CR-V, HR-V certainly has a smaller body, HR-V engine is also not equipped with turbocharged. But the power generated by HR-V is not much different from other crossovers. This car offers great maneuverability for smaller bodies. A more complete review of driving more fun with HR-V can be done below.

Honda HR-V can be said to be a new trend for the class of mini crossover, which previously Nissan Juke has first appeared with this trend. Body HR-V is adopted from the SUV, but the difference is not too big, more sporty and dynamic. Exterior design of this car is able to give the impression that the SUV car is not always in the form of large. The result of the combined design of the SUV and crossover, then created 2018 HR-V with a more sporty look and more popular for those who are young at heart. Even if it was not for the big name Honda, this car will be the main attraction because of the exterior shape of this luxury.

HR-V face carries the latest Honda design with the theme of Solid Wing Face, with a large pinned grille, supported by aerodynamic system is balanced, so it gives a very good effect for the appearance of this car. With a firm design and dashing, like an SUV, but still has its own characteristics with a given line of minimal body design corner so it looks more dynamic. However, the design line on the body of New HR-V is clearly showing firmly that the power SUV is on this car. Dimensions of this car is quite supportive for you who often drive in the density of the city. Not only the body shape is increasingly mature, HR-V is also equipped with a very sophisticated exterior, including Front wiper de-icer, Front and rear splash guards, Body-colored rear roofline spoiler, LED brake lights, Body-colored heated power side mirrors , and also Fog lights. All the exterior features we mentioned just not all, there are many more features that support exterior prowess. For wheel drive, this car uses 17 “aluminum-alloy wheels for all variants are available. One thing that should not be forgotten, that this car under it pinned Halogen.

Although this car is smaller than the original form of the SUV, and looks more sporty, does not mean not having a spacious cabin space. HR-V still provides the focus of changes and improvements to the interior. The interior design is modern and comfortable and comfortable to provide more value for HR-V. Rear seat settings are flexible and easy, making it easier for passengers to arrange seating and can carry more convenient goods. With good interior preparation, it will feel the ergonomic value has gone up level. The layout of the ventilation inside the cabin with the feature of Automatic climate control with air-filtration system so comfort is guaranteed. By having Cargo volume – rear seats up / down to reach 668/1665 (L) making it suitable for carrying your various necessities and family.

Not only that, the interior of this car is also equipped with Map lights, Power door locks, One-touch turn signals and also Multi-angle rearview camera with dynamic guidelines. Honda provides a lot of advantages in the cabin, including providing Center console, Cargo area tie-down anchors, Door-pocket storage bins, Cargo cover, and also Digital trip meter. Comfortable and safe seating, and has safety features that ensure the safety of passengers and riders. Interior 2018 HR-V is very supportive driving sensation that is sporty and comfortable.

With engine design that is more mature and reliable, the engine performance should be appreciated. HR-V with 1.8-liter, 16-valve, SOHC, i-VTEC, 4-cylinder engine reliable enough to drive in the city, feels more agile and dynamic and very convincing when driving on the freeway. Honda-made machine is capable of producing power 141 horsepower @ 6500 rpm and also can produce Torque 127 lb.-ft @ 4300 rpm. This is not separated from the role of 4-cylinder engine pinned on HR-V. But as we said earlier that HR-V has not been equipped with turbocharged, so the power generated is still under the CR-V that already use turbocharged technology.

This is not to be questioned, because HR-V is carrying the theme as an SUV with a mini body but can maneuver great in both the city and outside the city. Fuel consumption is certainly designed to be more efficient with developed i-VTEC technology. Engine is also equipped with innovative new technologies such as Drive-by-Wire Throttle System, Eco Assist system, and also the Multi-Point Programmed Fuel Injection System (PGM-FI). New HR-V uses 6-speed manual transmission (MT) for LX variants and Continuously variable transmission (CVT) all variants except LX. This car still uses the Front-wheel drive as the driver and is equipped with ECON mode button and also Steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters so the car can be controlled comfortably. One of the most interesting features of all the features provided is available Real Time AWD with Intelligent Control System for all variants, and for LX only available for CVT.

This car will soon be yours if you can quickly contact the nearest and trusted dealer. Because this car will soon be launched and sold to all automotive markets, both in US, Canada, Europe and Asia. This car will soon cross the streets in the city in early 2018. The offered price starts at $ 22,650 for the cheapest variant of the LX-2WD, while the most expensive variant is the EX-L NAVI with prices starting at $ 30,650.

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