2018 Honda CR-V Canada Review

2018 Honda CR-V Canada Review

2018 Honda CR-V Canada Review – CR-V has made many changes to be able to face competitors. If we see Crossover competition in the automotive market is increasing, then it is not impossible CR-V must be present by providing better change. If you look at 2018 Honda CR-V has many new features than ever before, then of course to compete with Mazda that has brought the CX-5 is equipped with advanced features. The presence of the CR-V is very much awaited by customers, especially after the new engine by using turbocharge, with a smaller engine capacity. The incorporation of Direct Injection and turbo technology makes this car proven to be serious to provide a great experience and performance. You can read the full review below. Do not forget to always visit our website to always get important information about New Honda.

Not CR-V if it does not provide the best by carrying various advanced features. This car provides a merger between a rather large body but has a powerful engine power. The CR-V, which will be ready for performance in 2018, provides many new changes and innovations, not just exterior and interior, but also a good change on the machine. Actually this is not the first time CR-V make changes, changes made since 2015 by adding a new variant on the CR-V. This is done because the market demand on CR-V is very large. The automotive market has started to glance Crossover cars with a reliable engine. However, the CR-V is not the only Crossover SUV type car with a reliable engine, in the Honda family itself is still a Honda Odyssey and Honda Pilot. But there is nothing wrong if we give a great appreciation to the CR-V that provides many changes.

By using a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine would make CR-V more vicious in generating power to be transmitted into street performance. Why does CR-V provide a powerful enough engine? This question is often asked by the fans, the answer is to provide a good change, where during this SUV car is considered only give priority to the area of the interior, while the machine is not reliable, therefore Honda wants to provide a powerful engine to create a crossover SUV with engine equipped the strong one. The CR-V with this new design can respond to responsive engines and feels able to perform lightly and achieve maximum rotation well.

Despite having a powerful and powerful engine, the CR-V does not forget to provide a change to make fuel more efficient, therefore Direct Injection technology is pinned on the engine to provide fuel efficiency. That way, the turbo gives a positive change in power and direct injection can hit the fuel distribution so well that the power created can save fuel. Using a 1.5-liter, 16-valve, Direct Injection, DOHC, turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, the 2018 CR-V can power up to 190 @ 5600 rpm and also produce a torque of 179 lb.-ft @ 2000-5000 rpm. By providing Displacement reaching 1498 (cc) CR-V is expected to provide a stable and powerful engine performance boost. this car will still use the Front-Wheel drive for drivetrain, but unfortunately the latest CR-V is only available for Continuously variable transmission (CVT) for both LX, EX, EX-L and Touring variants. However, CVT can reduce all engine performance so it feels smoother.

As you know, the Honda Civic and CR-V are interchangeable on various platforms, the results are very satisfactory, with advanced features available, as well as strong performance such as Civic as well as comfort and safety features that ensure the safety of passengers and riders. Many people think that the big body CR-V (because CR-V adopted the SUV design) is not able to maneuver with agility. While the CR-V 2018 is ready to show that the SUV class car is able to provide the best, as we know the regular SUV using ladder frame chassis, but the CR-V is designed with a tough body scheme.

The exterior of this car will be equipped with LED headlights (High and low beam), Panoramic moonroof, and also One-touch power moonroof with tilt feature. Front and rear lights have been given LED technology, front body line is formed with a sporty design, as well as a comfortable aerodynamic system. In addition features such as Rear window defroster, Rain-sensing windshield wipers, Roof rails, Rear privacy-tinted glass. If we look back, this car is equipped with Dual exhaust with chrome finisher so it looks more cool. Also seen this car uses CHASSIS 17 “aluminum-alloy wheels for all variants, except CR-V Touring that uses 18” aluminum-alloy wheels. Overall exterior is very qualified.

Surely what you have in mind about the interior of the CR-V is a large space, can provide a lot of space for passengers. However, CR-V not only provides a wide space, but also comes with various advanced features to pamper you and your family. The quality of the cabin is very luxurious, providing a comfortable impact. Features offered include 3-point rear seat belts and also Childproof rear door locks, as well as 3-point height-adjustable seat belts with front automatic tensioning system. Comfort and security is guaranteed, you do not have to worry if you bring children in the car.

To keep the in-room temperature comfortable, the 2018 Honda CR-V also provides Dual-zone automatic climate control with air-filtration system and also Exterior temperature indicator that helps to control the temperature inside the cabin. Entertainment features are also not left behind, this car will provide all the best features by pampering passengers and drivers by providing entertainment such as 7-inch Display Audio System with HondaLink Next Generation. This car is perfect for you who want to get comfort in the cabin with family. Three rows of seats can carry more family members.

If you want to own this car soon, please contact the nearest dealer in your city, as this car is released immediately, and will provide convenience to anyone who has it. This car will be sold at the cheapest price starting from $ 27,090 and the most expensive variant is Touring starting from $ 38,490 for one unit.

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