2018 Honda Civic Type R Canada Review

2018 Honda Civic Type R Canada Review

2018 Honda Civic Type R Canada Review – Type R is an incredible idea and work from Honda. This is a fast car version of the Honda Civic that we often see on the streets of the city. Now officially this car is released, and you can already have it. This car will soon be racing in Canada, USA and Europe. Latest Civic Type R brings new technology, with Civic Hatchback body and aerodynamic system that further supports its performance. Body of this car is bigger than the standard version of Civic Hatchback.
Civic Type R does give the impression of a strong sport, looks aggressive and ready to provide a better driving experience. If we glance at the interior, the design inside the cabin is really impressive, looks aggressive but comfortable, with a combination of black, red, and metal ornament. The speed control rod looks sturdy and is made of metal, because this car is only available with manual transmission system.

The main strength of Civic Type R is behind the hood. Therein lies the machine that has the K20C code, with turbo additives, 4-cylinder engine with 2.0-liter capacity. By using the machine, the car is capable of producing up to 306 Horsepower @ 6500 rpm and the torque obtained reaches 295 lb.-ft @ 2500-4500 rpm. All power is channeled to the front wheels (because Type R has not used all-wheel drive) through 6-speed. This is remarkable, because usually for cars using front-wheel drive power that is distributed no more than 200 horsepower. This is to keep the front wheel undamaged if the power supplied is too large. This is a good achievement for Honda.
If you’re curious, you can try to drive the latest Civic Turbo, after riding you can imagine that the pleasure of driving a Type R is twice that of driving a Civic Turbo. One more surprising thing is Type R is the fastest record holder at the Nurburgring for the front-wheel drive car class. Civic Type R can finish 25 km in 7 minutes and 43.80 seconds. Very impressive. The fans will love Civic Type R.

Viewed from the front, rear, and side should be recognized that this car is quite aggressive, sporty and ferocious. We start from the front, equipped with a front bumper that has a large air hole, which works to funnel the air to the engine and cool the brakes if needed. The hood with the best design, equipped with intake hole so it looks strong impression. This car looks wider because it uses a larger tire.
The rear body is dominated by large wings. Hatchback lines and strong shapes combined with rear bumper. But do not forget the aerodynamic system from the front. Rear roof shape has also been done so better improvement. Honda created a balanced thing, because front and rear Type R looks aggressive.
Not only an aggressive exterior shape, but also features provided are also quite complete. All features available in the hatchback are also available in 2018 Type R. The headlights are equipped with LEDs and projectors. Exterior is more qualified because LED front turn signal indicators, LED taillights and also headlights (High and low beam) have been updated. At the rear body is also equipped with LED Lights and is also equipped with a rear camera capable multi angle. At the bottom, this car uses 20 “aluminum-alloy wheels (Piano Black with Red Styling line), the size of a large tire makes this car easy to stable when driving.

When talking speed in driving, suspense is a thing that greatly affects the stable or not a car. Type R has an excellent suspension system. As a very real proof is, when this car is turning at a speed of 160 km / h on a long curve, you would not expect this car to turn comfortably at such speed. 2018 Type R has a capable suspension to provide the best performance. This is seen in the suspension system equipped with adaptive damper with MacPherson construction on the front, and multi-link for rear suspension. Cooperation and cohesiveness between power steering electric and also strong front tires give a positive impact.

There is no doubt that the machine offered by Type R is already highly qualified. Using 2.0-liter, 16-valve, Direct Injection, DOHC, VTEC, turbocharged 4-cylinder which clearly has conquered Nurburgring circuit. The K20 engine also has provided evidence on the latest generation Honda Accord, which has been sold in America and Canada. Proof on the Accord engine has stated that this type of machine is qualified. Honda indeed often provide one machine for various types that they deem fit to be pinned on the car.

Special turbocharged K20C engine pinned on Type R capable of providing power up to 306 horsepower and Torque 295 lb.-ft. While the latest generation Accord with the same machine (K20C) capable of producing power only 195 horsepower. K20 engine is already known for a long time. This famously flexible machine was first introduced in 2001, and until now constantly updated, done the latest innovations and always used in various Honda products. To provide fuel efficiency, Honda also installed VTEC technology (not i-VTEC), which eliminates the function of the gas cable because it is equipped with a system Drive By Wire is much better.

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