2019 Honda Civic Coupe Si Review Canada

2019 Honda Civic Coupe Si Review Canada

2019 Honda Civic Coupe Si Review Canada – This car is strong enough, sporty, even give the best since the first generation. This car has a reliable engine specifications, provide considerable power and a large Torque as well. But a car will not be interesting if only rely on the engine, therefore this car also provides changes and improvements to the interior and more on the exterior. Exterior appearance will make fans amazed and will feel that the generation has changed, the change should be done. 2019 Coupe Si will give an extraordinary appearance, not the same as other Civic. Automotive market competition will be more fierce with the presence of this car in 2019.

As we said earlier that 2019 Civic Coupe Si has a powerful engine specification, reliable and powerful enough. It is true that among all types of Civic Coupe, Si type has the greatest power. 2019 Coupe will come with four types, LX, EX-T, Touring and Si. The engines to be used on the Si Coupe are 1.5-liter, 16-valve, Direct Injection, DOHC, turbocharged 4-cylinder capable of generating 205 horsepower more, even additional information that this car will provide greater power to answer the challenges of the automotive market. But for some fans say that there is no need to add power to this car, the power generated is big enough, just need to do the power on Coupe LX type for better.

2019 Coupe Si will deliver a good engine, no change of wheel drive system, will still be used front-wheel drive and Honda has not thought that this car will rise level to all-wheel drive. Of course this is true, because to create an all-wheel drive Honda should provide a much greater power, even greater than 350 horsepower. Civic Coupe is not yet suitable for the plan. 2019 Coupe Si will produce Torque more than 192 @ 2100-5000 rpm and with the value Displacement (cc) reached 1498. But unfortunately later 2019 Coupe Si does not provide Eco Assist system. This car is recommended to refuel the type of premium to keep the engine reliable. This car is only available 6-speed manual transmission (MT) in 2019 later. You can choose another type Coupe if you do not like manual transmission.

2019 Honda Civic Coupe will come with a regular exterior, no changes to the exterior and basic body shape, it is clearly said by Honda that they will consistently maintain the basic body shape Coupe that only uses 2 doors. Fans of this car will feel a good change on the exterior, no major changes, only done the addition of features on the exterior to support a better appearance. 2019 Coupe Si will consistently deliver 18 “aluminum-alloy wheels, an increasingly attractive look with a look of qualified wheels Stable and reliable become the primary key of this car is in demand in the market.This car is also equipped with the type of tires P235 / 40 R18 91W in order to maximize the travel.


Interior comfort is a top priority of the 2019 Honda Civic Coupe Si, in addition to delivering good engine performance, a luxurious and ferocious exterior. The interior will be equipped with lots of new features that have been upgraded. Some entertainment features like 452-watt AM / FM Premium audio system with MP3 / Windows Media Audio playback capability and 10 speakers including subwoofer will accompany your trip and family. Actually all the interior features that are present will be the same as in 2018, it’s just done improvements and upgrades for the latest features according to the needs of the fans. This car will come with a starting price of $ 25,000 and will be able to change according to the features provided.

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