2019 Honda Accord Sedan Touring Redesign and Specification

2019 Honda Accord Sedan Touring Redesign and Specification

2019 Honda Accord Sedan Touring Redesign and Specification – Accord has a good record in the automotive market of US, Canada and Australia. This car has a label that is well known by the automotive market and has a strong enough rival. This car has been famous since 1977 until now and has always been a car that awaited its presence by promoting quality and reliability is high enough. Already since the first generation to the ninth generation this car has had millions of fans around the world and benefit from a facelift and has a new price. This is a natural thing because the Accord offers the latest features for their products.

For those equipped with VTi, they offer $ 32,990, and certainly not with the usual, because this car has improved the quality, size and regular features that you will enjoy. But not only that, this car also still has a higher level by using VTi-L and V6L you can spend up to $ 52,590 for one unit of very good features. This car is even more expensive than Honda Civic Type R which has a price of $ 40,000. But if you have a high level of satisfaction with this car, you certainly do not think about the price. Honda Accord LX, Sport, EX-L, Touring, Sport 2.0 also Touring 2.0 and additional information that this car will not add a new type for 2019. Accord will focus on improving the quality of exterior, interior and machine.

2019 Honda Accord will look new style to six types. The most striking exterior is Touring 2.0 which clearly features a ferocious and luxurious style. This car has been equipped with the latest style by providing many LED Lights on the front of the car body, which consists of a good headlamps and ensure and improve the lighting while traveling at night and also LED light traveling is comfortable during the day. Good shape aerodynamic system gives the impression of this car is ready to take you anywhere and of course with high comfort. The rear spoiler will also be updated for 2019.

Machine is the main priority of the Accord to be able to perform optimally. 2019 Accord will come with a different engine variant. There are four types of cars that will use 1.5-liter, 16-valve, Direct Injection, DOHC, i-VTEC, turbocharged 4-cylinder that is LX, EX-L, Sport, and Touring while for Sport 2.0 and Touring 2.0 will use 2.0 -litre, 16-valve, Direct Injection, DOHC, i-VTEC, turbocharged 4-cylinder. This obviously makes the price of each type to be different. Even the power generated will also be different. Two units of the strongest Accord engine type will provide up to 252 Horsepower and Torque 273 lb.-ft while four units of the car with the engine under it will produce 192 horsepower and Torque 192 as well. The engine will get better for 2019 and this car recommends regular fuel for maximum engine performance. No changes and power ups on the Accord engine until 2020. But the constraints and shortcomings in 2018 will soon be settled for the next generation. The type of transmission used is also not much different from 2018 which is 10-speed automatic transmission (AT) with Grade Logic Control which will only be given on Sport 2.0 and Touring 2.0 while for 6-speed manual transmission (MT) only available for LX, Sport, and Sport 2.0 and if you are a Continuously variable transmission (CVT) fan you can choose LX, Sport, Touring and EX-L. The choice is in your hand.

2019 Honda Accord Price
This car has a starting price of $ 26,490 and will continue to increase along with the addition of features and improvements on all machine lines. This car does have a fairly high price, this is because the features provided very good, very capable exterior, and a comfortable interior. Price is not an obstacle if you want to enjoy a very luxurious work of Honda Accord.

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