2018 Honda Sports EV Concept VS Urban EV Concept

2018 Honda Sports EV Concept VS Urban EV Concept

2018 Honda Sports EV Concept VS Urban EV Concept – The interesting thing about the development of automotive technology is always get the latest ideas and innovations from Honda. Not surprisingly, Honda can do their best and latest innovation considering they have a lot of competitors in the automotive world. The launch and release of a new model car in every type is a good achievement that Honda can provide. The year 2018 is the launch of the 10th generation with a very real development. Improvements in terms of exterior, interior and engine are respected.

After much development in electric cars, the automotive world will again be surprised by new discoveries. We’ve just been struck by the amazing launch and release of Urban EV Concept. The launch of this concept was done at the Frankfurt Auto Show, everyone was surprised and amazed by this. But the continuation of this vision will continue to be done and Honda will present his vision at the Tokyo Auto Show about electric sports car later this month.

This development can not be underestimated, because the technology offered is quite capable and able to compete with the competitors. Not all sketches have been thoroughly culled to make fans curious and will continue to progress while only one sketch of the new teaser is released. But the sketch clearly shows that the car will have a fastback profile, with a rear-shaped rear light design and a protruding sideward, a somewhat flat rear as seen on the Urban EV Concept. “Friendly face” will be the theme raised by this company, this is because this car does not have the appearance of aggressive and fierce like a car that uses the engine in general. It probably means a bit of a mimic concept that has been shown in Frankfurt with the look of a rounded headlamp like a eyeball and a black bumper trim that looks like a car smile because of its lower design. Therefore the theme of “friendly face” becomes an interesting thing.

If it is true like Urban Urban EV concept then this car will be very cute, cute and adorable. The door will be opened with the system backward, not the system forward. Interior design is also simple and good can make this car more friendly. The wheel used may also not be much different from the concept that has been released, using a neat white wheel with a unique motif. It may be true that the Honda Urban EV is very inspired by the second and the first generation Civic, while continuous improvement and renewal. Honda Sport EV Concept does not seem to provide discussion and can not compromise to other sporter sports cars like S2000, Prelude and last CR-Z.

If you are not lucky to be able to directly witness the launch of the concept carried out in Frankfurt, do not be disappointed, because in the launch of the electric sports edition will also be present again the launch of Urban EV concept in Tokyo. You can see for yourself and judge for yourself how the concept has been made by Honda, you certainly can comment on this. On that occasion also Honda will announce the production version of electric Hatchback to be marketed Europe in 2019. We are certainly looking forward to another surprise that will be given by Honda. Even if possible electric cars can also be developed for the automotive market Canada and US. The latest information that Honda NeuV is a pilot company originally introduced in January at CES 2017 will also be in Tokyo to provide further information on the technology they have developed.

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