2018 Honda Civic vs Ford Focus Review and Engine Specs Canada

2018 Honda Civic vs Ford Focus Review and Engine Specs Canada

2018 Honda Civic vs Ford Focus Review and Engine Specs Canada – The automotive market is growing and the competition in the automotive world also continues to heat up. Every company continues to deliver their best innovations and continues to develop technology to deliver the best car in every type. US and Canada automotive market is also heating up with competition Honda Civic and Ford Focus. Although we can not underestimate the true Ford also dominate the US and Canada automotive market. Many of the automotive enthusiasts make comparisons between cars so they can choose according to the conclusions they get. But we can not forget that everyone has a taste for the car they choose. We only provide information according to official facts and do not say which car is best. You must judge yourself. In this case we compare the 2018 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring CVT with Ford Focus Titanium Hatch.

2018 Honda Civic Hatchback and Ford Focus Titanium Hatch have similarities in body style, they both use Hatchback in the base body for their car. But for the color you can choose, Civic gives 8 colors while the Ford Focus provides more colors, which is 10. Actually the color is not too important (more important on the machine and features provided). This car is also the same in terms of wheel drive system is applied that is Front-wheel drive, also using automatic transmission system. But slightly different on the MPG value, the Civic delivers 30 City and 36 Highway while the Ford Focus delivers 26 City and 36 Highway.

Although this car both use body style Hatchback but have differences in dimensions. Wheelbase Civic 106.3 inches while the Ford Focus 104.3 inches. Length overalls on the Civic 177.9 inches while the Focus has a 171.6 inches length. The Focus gives the 57.7 inches height overall and the Civic 56.5 inches (only slight gap going on) and Width mas without mirrors Focus 71.8 and Civic 70.8. You can judge for yourself the difference although in general the basic body they design is the same. Exterior features provided are the same as power tilt / sliding sunroof, sun / moon roof and rear spoiler are also available on both of these cars. According to the fans who have done a test drive on this car, they can feel the difference given by this car. They also said that for the exterior is the same, but on the carving and the shape of different aerodynamic system can give a different impression so that the fans can determine for themselves according to their tastes.

In addition to having differences on the exterior, the differences in the interior can also be seen. Although it does not have too much difference in both, but there are some things that need to be considered as a comparison of these two cars. This car can load passenger capacity to 5 with passenger volume Civic 94.8 and Focus 90.7 cu.ft. For other dimensions they have little difference, no more than 5 inches, and the most striking is the Cargo volume with rear seat down on Civic 46.2 while the Focus gives 44.8 cu.ft so you can imagine how the Cargo space difference if you want to carry the goods – into the car.
Ford and Honda are very serious in developing technology on their products. They do not want fans to be disappointed with the products they create, even they continue to compete for the best. Comparison of interior features that they developed certainly not too much difference, convenience and comfort all developed every year and do not have too much difference, as well as entertainment that is equally complete, navigation and communication system has no striking difference.

The most interesting thing to do assessment is in terms of machine performance. We know that both these cars have a powerful and powerful engine. It is even very difficult to determine which one is best of both. Facts about the comparison of the two engines of this car quite a lot, although in detail we can feel after we do the testing on both. In general they use 4 cylinder engines for on-the-go performance, but different is 2018 Civic Hatchback Sport Touring using Turbocharged and this is not found in 2018 Ford Focus Titanium Hatch. Honda delivers Engine Type intercooled turbo premium unleaded I-4 and Focus delivers the regular type Unleaded I-4 engine. Displacement values are also different, 1.5 L / 91 for Civic and 2.0 L / 122 for Focus. Even the power generated is also different from these cars, 180 horsepower @ 6000 rpm for the 10th genera and 160 horsepower @ 6500 rpm for the Focus. The difference of turning diameter is only 1.8 inches and Torque 162 @ 1700 rpm for Civic Hatchback while Torque 146 @ 4450 rpm for rival.

Engine Comparison may be evident from both of these cars, because they have their own engineers and of course have different ideas and ideas. Not only exterior, interior and engine, a car must also pay attention to safety features to be safe and comfortable. Their competition is not too much on safety because the features offered are also the same with the same standards.
For the price offered is not too much difference, considering they have done the best on their products. The price you have to pay is $ 28,500 for a 2018 Civic Hatchback Sport Touring CVT unit and $ 24,375 to buy a Ford Focus Titanium Hatch unit. Which one is your choice? Please choose according to your taste and needs. Thank you for reading this article and please leave a message for us to respond, always visit our website to keep us informed about the latest cars.

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