2018 Honda Civic Type R Touring Circuit Review

2018 Honda Civic Type R Touring Circuit Review


2018 Honda Civic Type R Touring Circuit Review – The fans of Honda Civic are still not satisfied with the standard Type R, they feel a lot of things to be improved, ranging from the exterior, interior and used machinery should be further improved. However, the dissatisfaction will soon be answered by Honda with a touch of magic and interesting Civic Type R TCR that will make you surprised. This car will be different from other Type R, unlike the standard Honda that has been released previously. This car was created in the form of Touring Car, of course have a reliable and powerful engine design. This solution was created on a Japanese tuner with two goals, first for touring purposes since Type R FK2 generation and the second to challenge the fans who are not satisfied with the Type R past.

Are you a racing fan? Are you bored with the old look of Type R? This car will be present for you touring fans wherever you are and of course must be in accordance with the Civic Class. You will not be disappointed with this product, because it will provide a guarantee machine with a much greater power. Although the image of this car has not circulated much and has not circulated widely, you can see own splitter design is so big and bumper costum malignant. Very striking on the exterior and interesting to say that this car will not compromise on the streets. The ventilated hood makes the Type R this time really really handsome and interesting to look at. We believe the fans not only want to see, but want to do a test drive on this car.

Not a sports car if the aerodynamic system is not well designed and interesting. Exterior Type R comes with a more vicious theme and ready to challenge anyone. Lots of parts installed as aerodynamic support system which later this will affect the appearance of this car on the street. Some parts are mounted like side skirts, which will control the aerodynamics on the left and right sides as well as the much larger wheel spaces to support the car remain stable when it is sliding fast. If we look more closely, we will see on the back of this car there are also differences and good changes, has been equipped with a spoiler that bigger, more fierce and sharper so that this car looks really as a race car.

What makes the fans curious is whether the wings will not shake when launched at high speed? Quiet all of this has been done a good repair and testing. You also can not forget one of the parts that determine the performance of a car, the rim. Bigger and broader rim design certainly has a special purpose. This racing rim is present to support the malignant engine performance on the streets. Is this racing rim is the result of cooperation with OZ racing. Clearly the use of rims and good tires will make this car ready to run and make you surprised.

For the engine used is still the same thing that is 2.0-liter, 16-valve, Direct Injection, DOHC, VTEC, turbocharged 4-cylinder and the information we get that this car does not do tunning specifically. This Type R Touring Car engine room is not the same as HKS which has a special tuning and has a high-performance engine room on the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo CT-230R race car and it no doubt. The advanced information we get that the machine remains the same, it’s only allowed to do tuning up to 330 horsepower. Shocking if this is true, because only 20 horsepower left for Honda’s strong rival is the Ford Focus RS with 350 horsepower. Performance that will be given will be more fierce if sole power given only 20 horsepower course, will not provide space to get left on this occasion.

2018 Honda Civic Type R Touring will provide sequential gearbox if the manual transmission used is not able to provide the best. Rollbar and ECU will be standardized. You will not be able to own this car if you do not immediately order, because this car will only be available only 25 units for the first production. For the price there is no exact figure, but the price will be more than $ 35,000. We will all be waiting for the performance of this car at the Nurburgring later. This car will prove it later by giving a few seconds faster than the previous generation.

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