2018 Honda Civic Type R Test Drive Review Canada

2018 Honda Civic Type R Test Drive Review Canada

2018 Honda Civic Type R Test Drive Review Canada – Civic Type R is present and gives a different impression with Civic Sedan, Civic Hatchback and Coupe. The base body may be somewhat similar to other Civic types, but if you look closer and closer, body Type R is more virulent and strong than other models. But of course we suggest you to choose according to your taste. The Japanese research center is conducting trials and test drives for the Civic Type R that will be released for 2018, this course is an opportunity to see more details on how the new car will be refined. According to estimates from experts, this car will be in demand and growing in the US, Canada, Europe and parts of Asia.

Honda presents for 2018 Civic Type R will be present in two colors, white for exclusive and black, as you know that this color is the basic color in the entire Civic range. If you are interested in owning a small and reliable sports car, please contact the dealer and prepare to own this car. Because according to the information we received, this car has almost sold all units in Canada. But for the test drive we are given the opportunity to testing red car with a very impressive white, can revive the spirit of driving with a powerful mini sports car.

Basic Civic Type R Extrovert
Mini Sport is the theme raised by Type R with exterior ideas are adequate and prominent, would certainly give a good impression for you if you’re in the crowd. The basic body of Type R is different from the lower Hatchback, the larger Type R rear spoiler with superior Aerodynamic support system adds the chance to bolt fast on the streets, a larger and exclusive rim and does not forget to be supported with a large and luxurious triple exhaust, nice resonator in the center of the pipe that gives a strong color and stick to the center of the bumper.

According to Honda commentators have produced vehicles that lack character, but the allegations have been denied by Honda who has provided the design and magic touch that has brought the past to the 10th generation. If you feel unsuited to having a Type R and feel too extreme, you can have a basic Civic Si or Civic, make your choice according to taste. We need to know that each version and Type has its own goals and advantages in each generation, according to Honda. But of course you know that Type R is not similar to other versions, this car comes with a different impression because it has its own distinctive features that are ready to amaze you.

Earth Dream program initiated by Honda is a very good idea and we must accept it. 2018 Honda Civic Type R certainly has been equipped with a new engine that is more sophisticated and reliable. Honda has developed three engines for all types and Type Civic and Type R gets the most powerful engine type of the three. Engine with 2.0 liter 4-cylinder, direct injection and with variable valve timing which is almost the same as Hatchback, but better. Equipped with its turbocharger and intercooler, the VTEC engine is capable of generating 306 horsepower for 295 lbs-ft of torque and this value is far and away from the Civic Hatchback. However, for Type R the resulting power is superior to the R Golf which is only capable of producing 292 horsepower, Type R is similar to Subaru WRX STI which also produces 306 horsepower, but lost with Ford Focus which can produce 350 horsepower and get the highest award of its kind.

If you are a fan of CVT of course you will be a little upset because 2018 Honda Civic Type R only available 6-speed manual transmission (considering this car is a mini sport that is rising in popularity). Power is generated by the rear wheels and delivered to the front wheels with a focus of comfort and a bit of vibration. Many fans think that Honda’s three rivals have the advantage and advantage of using All-wheel drive. But Honda engineers say not to worry because Type R has a larger weight-to-power ratio and is stable so it can be good handling on the track. But reviewers certainly need evidence that Type R is faster than its competitors at Nürburgring. Honda engineers also say that the all-wheel model provides a heavy load for the engine and will have a less beneficial effect in terms of pure performance. But no need to fear and worry this car is perfect for everyday use, very efficient at all seasons, especially winter.

Mini Sport is a theme given by the Civic Type R in 2018 but also has a functional cabin. The distinctive and soft dashboard comes with a large screen in the middle that can provide you with useful information. A good and strong Steer, making you comfortable and stable, the two-tone seat is a nice touch like a generation ago. Subaru, Volkswagen and Ford should certainly have a strong idea to be able to compete with this car.

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