2018 Honda Civic Si US Sedan Review, Price, And Performance Engine

2018 Honda Civic Si US Sedan Review, Price, And Performance Engine

2018 Honda Civic Si US Sedan Review, Price, And Performance Engine – Honda dare to perform and provide the best since the previous generation until now has reached the 10th generation. The 10th generation Honda Civic has been started since 2016 and many of the Civic fans can’t wait for the car to be released. This car was launched just five years after the previous. All types of Civic have been given improvement, Honda also redesigned Si version and until now still the best-selling car in US. But the Honda Civic Type R has also given your surprise, even the Hatchback has been relegated after a Type R build in North America, and of course the Civic Si is still king at the top and still survives to this day who has a strong rival for Subaru WRX fans.


2018 Honda Civic Si certainly has advantages over the previous and have made improvements. This car uses a six-speed manual that supports your toughness in driving and can travel up to 28 (city) and can travel up to 30 (highway) and can produce Torque 192 at 2300 rpm. This car belongs to the class of compact cars and of course there are some great competitors like the Toyota Camry. For the machine used is inline-4 that can generate power to reach 203 horsepower at 1300 rpm and has a 1.5 L displacement and if you have the courage you can run it with a top speed of 130 mph. What do you think? Are you interested? Just like before, the 2018 Honda Civic Si Sedan has a standard four-door version.


For those of you who have ever bought this car certainly looks 2018 Honda Civic Si Sedan is also very sporty from the standard model as it was in the previous generation. If we look at the basic body of this car is certainly very luxurious, this is clearly visible on the front, where elements of chrome wings and lights have been replaced with black “Si” will increase the passion on the streets. To design the bumper at the bottom of full larger side and supported with redesigned center vents. According to the reviewer this car is similar to a bee hive, also given a good black color.

2018 Civic Si The choice of a very luxurious and good profile car that does not change, if you need a standard Civic standard it is designed quite muscular and sporty but it is not not bad news, but 10-speak by finishing two exclusive and vleg 10 eg Si separate. If you see more detail, you will find a lot of changes made around the back, where the car is equipped with LED brake lights that support the declid spoiler of course attract attention because this is a new feature designed by Honda in the new generation. To increase the speed and good stability, this car has a very good aerodynamic system because it is supported by a more aggressive bumper design and equipped with larger ventilation so that the car can stand with a stable and also chrome exhaust pipe installed with a handsome add luxurious and sporty impression.

Just like the design of the previous generation, the Civic Si Sedan has a four-door standard, has a lot of exclusive features inside and comes with sporty features on the outside as well as powered by more powerful and powerful engines on every trip. Overall, Si will not disappoint you after seeing and feeling a great exterior impression. But of course this makes the gap between the Type R model and the standard model pretty well (depending on how you judge it). Given Type R has its own version and also quite luxurious, but the four-door is a luxurious addition to the new Civic range that you can have.


The impression of luxury, handsome and sporty also continues in the cabin, where the interior is luxurious and has been designed with excellent comfort from the inside, where the standard front seats have been replaced with an exclusive design of red stitching. Dashboard is very neat in the process and given a very soft and comfortable material that adds value plus the sporty impression given. We also see complete door panels, nice and comfortable features, steering and stable steering wheel can control the car at high speeds without a doubt.

Not only that, 2018 Civic Si Sedan also provides a red light driver system and also TFT indicator lights and dry metal dash trim. For the pedal is also tailored to the sporty theme with a unique appearance of aluminum sport materials. Interior Dimensions we can give Headroom front 37.5 inches and rear 36.8 inches, Legroom front 42.3 inches and rear 37.4 inches, Shoulder room front 56.9 inches and rear 55.0 inches, Hiproom Front 53.7 inches and rear 47.3 inches. For cargo volume you should not be afraid because this car gives 14.7 (cu ft) so you can bring more goods with. Passenger Volume 95.0 (cu ft) and enjoy the trip with your family or friends.


You can pay $ 23,900 and bring home this car with great pride, and according to reviewers this car is quite affordable than expected. You can have EX-T Si trim by adding $ 2,400 and can give a more sporty impression. Not only that, this car can also give you summer tires by adding $ 200.

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