2017 Honda Accord Coupe Review

2017 Honda Accord Coupe Review

2017 Honda Accord Coupe Review – Perhaps that dominates the sale is Crossover, but the car with the basic body shape 4-door sedan has a fairly capable engine equipped with exterior features and also efficient with the latest chassis makes this car does not retreat from sales in the automotive market. New designs, new features, and new looks make great retaliation for being able to look stunning and targeted at universal biz cars. According to the Accord survey is a car that gets a place in the list of 10 Best Cars, and we hope that the Accord can survive in its best position. Of course we also look forward to the new 2017 Honda Accord Coupe. Some information and details about this car engine have been confirmed before. The latest engine is 3.5-liter, 24-valve, SOHC, i-VTEC, V6 for Accord Coupe Touring V6 and no change later when this car will enter the year 2018. Do not want to gain time, this car will be ready to give the best for You.

Nice exterior, with a structure that features super strong steel strength. Honda said that the Accord is the car with the most steel raw material than other production cars with a capacity of 29%. Honda has been trying to trim the weight of the Accord to be able to give a good appearance and not have the excess weight that will make the machine have to work harder. This car will still use the front-wheel drive with existing engine capacity. Not only is a good engine, engine performance is also aided by a good wheel system, this car uses 18 “aluminum-alloy wheels for Accord Coupe EX and Touring while 19” aluminum-alloy wheels are only available for Touring V6. The L-shaped aluminum lower arm, front suspense is a buffer and sub-front aluminum, while the rear of this car uses Multilink setup that is firmly mounted on the subframe.

The latest information that Coupe Accord will not be present for the 2018 model year. Most likely this is the last model they produce. Maybe this is sad news for you lovers of the Accord Coupe. Honda has not confirmed why this car will not be present in 2018 later. But the designers of Honda are trying to soften a bit of the disappointment of the fans by providing the best design for the Sedan Accord so as to close the Coupe that will stop production. Some exterior features are Rear deck lid spoiler, LED headlights, Speed-sensing, variable intermittent windshield wipers, Rain-sensing windshield wipers, LED front turn indicators and Rear window defroster. For a stunning exterior, this car will not disappoint you and your family.


2017 Honda Accord Coupe only creates 2 types of engines for the three types they publish. This car only has three different types and of course has a reliable engine specifications. For Accord Coupe EX and Touring using 2.4-liter engine, 16-valve, DOHC Direct Injection, i-VTEC, 4-cylinder that can produce torque of 181 @ 3900 rpm. Power generated is also quite large that is equal to 185 horsepower @ 6400 rpm. Not that it is surprising, because since the first Accord engine was created reliably. The more surprising thing is the difference in power created by Touring V6. The V6 car is capable of creating 278 horsepower @ 6200 rpm using 3.5-liter, 24-valve, SOHC, i-VTEC, V6 engines and can produce considerable Torque also 252 lb.-ft @ 4900 rpm (for 6-speed automatic transmission (AT) with Grade Logic Control) while Torque on 6-speed manual transmission (MT) can produce torque of 251 lb.-ft @ 5300 rpm. If we look in detail, the energy produced is quite different, the difference horsepower that reaches the value of 93. This is a good achievement, considering this car can approach the power created 2018 Honda Civic Type R.

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