2016 Honda Civic First Look Review, Release Date And Specs Canada

 2016 Honda Civic First Look Review, Release Date And Specs Canada

 2016 Honda Civic First Look Review, Release Date And Specs Canada

2016 Honda Civic First Look Review, Release Date And Specs Canada – Honda Civic has undergone a lot of progress in the American market since arriving in America 43 years ago and it made Americans change their perception of cars from Japan this. After a long time and finally to the 10th generation and Honda Civic has a lot to prove the greatness of their model cars.

But it did not make the Honda Civic stopped to continue to develop the greatness of the Honda Civic. Honda Civic has a lot to create versions include: Honda Civic Coupe, Honda Civic model Si, Honda Civic Hatcback five-door,  Honda Civic Sedan and Honda Civic Type R will make surprised automotive enthusiasts around the world. And Honda believes the year 2016, the Civic will be successful in the market of USA Honda has also taken off in 2016 nationwide wrps for Civic Sedan in three events.

Civic Sedan has changed and update the body shape with the latest platforms and using wheelbase is 1.2 inches longer than the previous generation, making it quite a luxury car. The shape and size of the car is also changing, which is 1 inch lower and 2 inches wider than the four-door Civic in 2015 at this time.

Exterior And Interior Review

For the good design of the car, 2016 Honda Civic Sedan has made new improvements and daring, leaving the old models. The front of the car is designed with a chrome grille that stretches Acura light, stylish body sufficiently equipped with a sophisticated LED lights. The front bumper of this car is better than ever with more sculpted front fenders, but the car changes also occurred in the rear.
Civic Sedan will add more features tend to like the Coupe with a nice roof line and flows into a pair of LED rear lights. The C-shaped LED lights, almost the same as we see in the Civic Coupe. This new model will be more inclined to LED lights. Very interesting !
Engine of 2016 Honda Civic

This car is different from or to North American Honda Civic lineup, the difference is, this engine is adding a turbocharged engine option. This car will be taller and slimmer than the Civic Sedan (model EX-L and EX-T), with a 1.5-liter I-4, direct-injected, turbocharged. Honda does not ignore the market model and tastes of the buyer. Engine 2016 Honda Civic will be the strongest compared with non-Civic engine ever created by Honda. With the prototype for the 1.5-liter turbo engine will produce energy for 206 horsepower and 192 lb-ft round of torque. Honda has not given official information for the North American automotive market.

Not only that, the 2016 Honda Civic will make a surprise with the naturally aspirated 2.0-liter i-VTEC I-4 and Honda guarantee that this will be the most powerful engine ever released by Honda Civic in the base. This super-powerful engine will be paired to a six-speed manual transmission (for models LX trim) and also CVT.

However turbo 1.5-liter I-4 is only offered for CVT models. Fuel efficiency is unquestionable. Honda also says the car will be a car with highway fuel economy of more than 40 mpg, or about 5.9 L / 100 km). Honda will provide details of the official figures EPA and also powertrain when it is closer to the Civic Sedan Launching.

Not just the engine system to be improved, but also the body with the latest platform using ultra-high-strength steel that makes the car’s 10th generation could produce torque rigidity up to 25% better than the previous generation.

Honda also said that better-designed unibody, which has only 1 percent. Although the this car is bigger than its predecessor, but it will be lighter Civic 31 Kg of its unibody weight. But take it easy, this car will remain stable and quieter.

If you drive this car will feel sporty and high-class design seat was down 1 inch from the current Honda Civic. Make you feel more comfortable when driving long distances though. This car also use the front strut suspension system to do the redesign and rear multi-link.

This will the make the car better and more aerodynamic great system to reduce vibration when the car is running, is also equipped with a hydraulic bushing so that the car is reduced vibration and better quality. Front and rear stabilizer Also has a level, the system has been designed with a standard disc brakes on all four wheels. To make the car more stable when cornering, the system is equipped with brake-torque-vectoring, interesting is not it?

The car’s interior Also has a wider 3.7 cubic feet Because it has made changes that new platform. And Also a back seat to the foot has grown two inches, to meet the demand of the buyers about luggage issues, Honda has been enlarging the trunk with 2.6 cubic feet and trunk modifications liftover decreased designs Also increasingly beautiful dashboard with a two-tiered. Honda has the best interior shape with the latest features. Also better stitching Touch dashboard and door panels are best prepared by the 2016 Civic.

Are you like music? the 2016 Honda Civic also enhance audio system with audio touchcreen. Obviously you will feel the difference by having this car. It was felt not enough by Honda, they also complete with an electronic parking brake, auto door lock, and the driver’s seat can be adjusted to the thigh so tired of driving can be overcome and auto up / down on front windows. The interior of the 2016 Civic is also equipped with CarPlay Android and Apple. Until now, the Honda Civic continues to innovate their best. Hopefully Honda’s 10th generation can be successful in the market America and Canada.

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