2014 Honda Civic Natural Gas Automatic Sedan Review USA

2014 Honda CNG Automatic Sedan Review USA

2014 Honda Civic Natural Gas Automatic Sedan Review USA – Honda had issued a Natural Gas Automatic models in 2014 and has carried out a test drive. This car had been gone since a year ago, but if you want to re-read the reviews of this car, this is a suitable place for you fans of the Civic. This car uses the automatic transmission system and very stable in its class. The rest of drivers also said that the car is capable of providing the achievements in the field of acceleration is excellent and stable. Not only accelerated but the brake pedal and gas pedal are comfortable when operated.

This car uses a system of automatic transmissions provide smooth good but when it is done a test drive on the circuit. This car is capable of running circuitry smoothly and successfully give satisfaction to the fans Civic Sedan.


2014 CNG Sedan also gave a report on the calculation of the EPA is expected to have a value of about 27 City / 38 Highway and the car is also impressive when streaking the streets with stable and comfortable. Some improvement is also done on the car brake system to provide a much more powerful brakes and will give you more safety when driving. If you through the bumpy road, this car will make your stay comfortable because it has been equipped with a vibration damping system and will always be unstable even on a bumpy road. But this car also has a lot of competitors in its class, and not only in Canada and the US market.

Interior Review

This car also has a very luxurious interior design and ready to give you comfort. And the reviewers have explained that the 2014 CNG Sedan has an interior with materials that are very nice and stylish and better than the last model. This car also offers a luxurious interior and features to you, such as 7-inches touchscreen also rearview camera, an audio system with crystal clear sound speakers, and audio control as well as a sophisticated climate control. It was only a few features and is not explained in detail about all the features available on this car. After doing repairs interior features, the car is also not forget granted dampening vibration and engine noise, so you will remain comfortable without being disturbed by engine noise and vibration from the outside.

Wide this car is almost the same as the previous model. This car will guide you with a good navigation system. If you love music, you can enjoy the features streaming music from your smartphone and enjoy your favorite songs with your family and friends. However, the trunk space is not large enough if you want to carry a lot of cargo, because this car is designed for families and do not have much room for luggage. But it is not a serious problem, because this car has a storage space in the large interior so you can store the cargo in the back room.

Acceleration of the car is very good and it proved with machines that work very well without feeling rough and vibrate so that the car can’t run stable and also makes the car more refined powertrain and awake. This car uses front-wheel concept for drivetrainnya and will make this car quite well in class without using the machine’s performance is too rough. This car also has upgraded the brakes to provide comfort and safety to the Civic fans. The car is also designed with a stable brake, when you press brake pedal and it will make the car stable when in brake without fear shaky and jerks. For bad and bumpy roads, the car is also equipped with a suspense that will reduce vibration and bumpy roads increasingly felt.

Engine Review And Power

As we have explained above, this car uses an automatic system and will make the engine run smoothly. Machines used in this car is Compressed Natural Gas I-4 1.8-liter / 110. Thus, this car will be able to produce about 110 horsepower and also produces 6500 rpm. Not only that, this car will also generate a torque of about 106-feet of torque. The specification of this engine has not changed much with other CNG Honda cars. It’s just that given the changes and improvements needed to the car Sedan models.

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